Welcome to Jim Hawkes Karate!



Join us for our
Youth Classes
Monday & Wednesday at 5:30 pm
and Saturday at 12:00 Noon

See you in our Adult Classes
Mondays & Wednesdays at 6:30 pm
and Saturday at 11:00 am
for a combination of Karate, Jiu Jitsu,
 Self Defense, Sparring, & Ground Defense

Extend your training into Traditional Weapons
Workout on Tuesdays at 5:15 pm and Saturdays at 10:00 am

It's a Great workout!


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Why Jim Hawkes Karate?

  • Our reward system improves self esteem.
  • Our class structure teaches discipline.
  • Our activities channel aggression.
  • Our classes enhance assertiveness.
  • Our program teaches lifetime self defense skills.
  • Our workouts are a great way to get in shape.
  • Our classes relieve stress.
  • Our practice sessions build self confidence.
  • What we teach could save your life.
  • Our program is Fun!


"I invite you to join us in our program of martial arts training and self defense for
children and adults. I encourage class participation to build successful life skills and
strong character while challenging your limits and receiving lifelong benefits.
I look forward to meeting you!"

Sue Hawkes


Sensei Sue Hawkes, 7th Dan & Sensei James H. Hawkes, 10th Dan
                              Founder, In Memoriam



Traditional Karate with a
Modern Approach

Sue Hawkes, 7th Dan Shorin Ryu,
4th Dan Okinawa Kenpo Kobudo
& Renshi Teaching License

3401-B Candelaria Rd NE, Suite A
Albuquerque, New Mexico

(505) 872-1091

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